Goodbye Old, Hello New!

December 31, 2016

Online solo flight ticket and a glass of wine

I did it! Blame it on the pressure of the New Year’s resolution list or the few glasses of wine I had but in the remaining few hours of the Old year, I decided to throw a challenge to the New one: A ONE MONTH SOLO ADVENTURE IN THAILAND. My longest solo trip to a long haul destination. 

A rather spontaneous decision, you might say. However, behind that “spontaneous” decision stood over 500 hours of reading travel blogs, over 200 hours of checking flight options, and a good deal spent evaluating the probability of being bored to death or being killed and raped (hopefully in that order) or in other words nearly 2 months contemplating.

The hardest part was over, 23 more days and I go! 

December 31stGoodbye OLD, Hello NEW! 

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