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Khao San Road, Bangkok

36 Hours Alone in Bangkok, Thailand

For first-time solo travelers and visitors with limited time, here is my list of the top things to experience Bangkok’s multi multifaceted personality.

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Solo Traveler Spotlight Rita Teller

Solo Traveler Spotlight: Rita Teller

I met Rita when I was an Erasmus student in Brussels, Belgium in 2011. Back then I thought she was crazy – a female in her early twenties hopping from one place to another each weekend all by herself, there got to be something wrong with her. But each time she came back, we gathered […]

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Pick your first solo destination wisely

Going it alone: Pick your first solo destination wisely

Picking a first solo destination wisely is an important step and requires you to spend some time on research and planning. Safety, affordability and access to entertainment are some of the things to consider when planning your trip alone.

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Laos: A Day Into The Life Of Captain Hook

With nearly 7 million inhabitants, Laos counts over 100* ethnic groups which can be grouped into 4 families, each speaking its own dialect and having its own customs and religious views. Even though a lot of agencies organize visits to various hill tribe villages, I decided to look for a more authentic, less touristy experience. […]

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Solo Traveler Spotlight: Thomas Dong

A couple of fellow travelers and me were waiting for the bus to pick us up from the lobby of our hostel in Siam Reap, Cambodia, when we met Tom. He was coming from Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city, where he volunteered as an English teacher. Even though we spoke for like 30 minutes, we […]

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seven types solo travelers feature photo

7 Types Of Solo Travelers Wandering Around The World

They are on the rise. They come in all shapes, sizes and personality types.They are the biggest travel trend of 2017.  Here is a list of the solo travelers wandering around the world. 1. The gap year solo traveler  Fresh out of high school or university, he breaks the piggy bank where he kept years’ worth of crappy […]

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Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

3 things traveling alone taught me

Back in 2015 I was supposed to go to Rome for a long weekend with my friends. When it was time to buy tickets, however, my friends started to bail out. Suddenly they were too busy, couldn’t take days off or simply changed their minds. Having no one to go with, I was faced with […]

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Ko Phi Phi Tailand

Ko Phi Phi, The Corrupted Paradise

In 1996, Alex Garland, wrote a novel about a young English backpacker named Richard, who ditches his familiar life to travel in search of something new. He lands in Thailand, where he meets a mentally disturbed guy who gives him a hand-drawn map. It contains directions to a mysterious island with a paradise-like beach, untouched by tourists. Lured by the idea to find […]

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Koh Lanta Sunset

Romantic sunset through the palm trees of Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta was kind enough to welcome me with a romantic sunset. Behind the palm trees, on the beach, I was expecting to see lots of couples cuddling, enjoying the amber glow of the horizon. To my pleasant surprise, there were none. Only a couple of stray dogs and a girl in the distance. I […]

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The Similan Islands, diving boat

The Similan Islands, where I fell in love with diving

It was still dark outside when I left the room. I jumped into the pickup joining the few dozing off at the back. It was way too early for socializing. I closed my eyes. A few moments later we reached the port where a speed boat was waiting for us. I was told that if […]

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