Hey, I’m Val.


Dare to Travel Alone was born one day in mid-2017 when driven by the desire to commemorate my adventures or in other words, having nothing else to do, I gathered all my notes from my solo travels and slowly started to arrange them into a blog.

It eventually became a little bit of everything – short stories, travel tips, thoughts and really anything that had an impact on me while traveling alone.

My goal with Dare to Travel Alone is to show you the beauty and benefits of traveling solo. Besides the great stories and positive experiences, my occasional solo travel adventures helped me understand valuable things about myself and others. But most importantly I’ve learned how to tackle irrational fear with action.

I hope the content here will give you some inspiration to go and chase your own adventures.

a little bit about me

I’m 29+someting years old.

I’m a Bulgarian —> not a native English speaker —> don’t be too harsh on me if you spot any typos or words that don’t make sense 😁

I’m neither a digital nomad nor an influencer who makes money while traveling (nor I aspire to be one). I’m just an occasional solo traveler with an ordinary job who blogs every once in a while as a hobby😎

I embrace change. It only makes you stronger, better and more interesting.

I am a perfectionist and a huge procrastinator at the same time. Go figure!

I find equal pleasure in sleeping completely wrapped up in a blanket till noon and waking up early in the morning to explore a new city.

I like to take goofy “jumping” pictures in front of famous and not so famous sights (like the one below taken during a tram maintenance in Lisbon).

Valeriya Dare to Travel Alone

I have a happy life, and with my occasional solo trips, I am practicing bravery.

Up until now, I have been to 35 countries. I have made 5 solo trips – to Italy in 2015, to Greece in 2016, to Thailand in 2017, to Laos and Cambodia in 2018, and to Bali, Indonesia in 2019. Next destination: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

To this day I have traveled a lot more with friends and family, rather than alone.


Got any questions? Feel free to find me and shout on

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