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My name is Valeriya, a Bulgarian with an untamed heart and a curious mind and an occasional solo traveler. Dare to Travel Alone is my labor of love – a story collection of adventures that depict the beauty of traveling solo.

If 5 years ago someone had told me that I would not only enjoy traveling solo but also encourage others to do so, I would have been like “Who? Me? Are you loco!”. But here I am today a little braver and more self-aware, hitting the road every chance I get.

I hope the content you’ll find here will give you some inspiration to go and chase your own adventures.

Dare to Travel Alone is devoted to promoting the beauty of traveling solo.


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Solo Traveler Spotlight Rita Teller

Solo Traveler Spotlight: Rita Teller

I met Rita when I was an Erasmus student in Brussels, Belgium in 2011. Back then I thought she was crazy – a female in her early twenties hopping from one place to another each weekend all by herself, there got to be something wrong with her. But each time she came back, we gathered […]

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With nearly 7 million inhabitants, Laos counts over 100* ethnic groups which can be grouped into 4 families, each speaking its own dialect and having its own customs and religious views. Even though a lot of agencies organize visits to various hill tribe villages, I decided to look for a more authentic, less touristy experience. […]

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Solo Traveler Spotlight: Thomas Dong

A couple of fellow travelers and me were waiting for the bus to pick us up from the lobby of our hostel in Siam Reap, Cambodia, when we met Tom. He was coming from Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city, where he volunteered as an English teacher. Even though we spoke for like 30 minutes, we […]

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